Thursday, December 18, 2008

happy happy joy joy!

So lately apple has been quite the character lately. Since the snow has hit, my life has become a little boring. All the shops are closing early due to the weather, thus leaving me with nothing to do but go home or play in the snow. I've noticed that this has done the same to apple, and she has been acting differently around the house than she normally does. I caught her playing with a plunger in the bathroom. At first she was scared of it, but still highly interested in it. She would sniff and poke it with her nose and then back off like it ran at her, and then she would poke at it again. I then noticed that she tried to bite the handle and drag it around the floor!


  1. Hi Apple,

    The Mommy wants to know if she can introduce you to our friends on one of our posts since you are new to DWB. I have lots of Dachsie freinds on DWB and a lots of other doggies too.

    Have you met Frankie yet? She is a chocolate dapple.

    Be good....Santa Paws will be her soon.

    Love Mona

  2. Hi Apple
    Playing with the plunger. I bet you have potty mouth now.
    Happy Friday.
    Love Ruby

  3. Hi Apple!
    I have such a long neck!
    Enjoy playing with the plunger and playing in the snow!