Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missy's Dachshund Puppies!!

Sorry everyone that I haven't been on in a few days!! I feel really bad, not to mention I had a few withdraws too!! Today my friend Sam and I went over to Carolyn's house (she owns fudgie) to see Missy her long hair, red, dachshund, who gave birth to three dachshund pups three and a half weeks ago. Carolyn says that the daddy is actually the Brindle, Fudgie! Missy has 1 boy, and 2 girls, one of them even came out brindled like her daddy :3 They were soooooo adoreable!! We actually ended up naming all three of the puppies too. The boy, who is mainly all black we named Satchamoe, The brindled female, we named Roary because she was extremely vocal, and the last female who was a red, we named Bailey. They were so sweet. Sleeping in our arms. I even had the .... delightful..... experience of mommy Missy encouraging Roary to pee while sitting in my lap!.... it was great! about a quarter size of pee got on my jeans, but I LOVE the puppies so much that I didnt mind :3 I believe Sam is planing on actually buying one of the puppies, which would bring her up to a total of 4 dachshunds, but really 2 belong to her mother, and she really only has one to herself. Missy is actually the mother of Sams long hair, red dachshund Oliver! so it was really special to see her new puppies, especially when they were so young. Sam and I will be visiting Carolyn again when the puppies are 5 weeks old to take more pictures, and also to see how dramatic of a change the puppies have made in their looks, personality, and mobilaty (is that a word??? haha wow thats bad) but anways, enjoy the pictures!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dog park fun with Gus and Bailey

Yesterday I took Apple, Dolly, Simon and Bailey (The puppy I was watching for the day) to the dog park where I met up with Gus and his Dad Nick. They all had a lot of fun chasing each other in the grass. You might recognize Gus from photo of mine already, but if you dont, he is in the picture that I took of my 6pm class where there are 5 dachshunds in it. Anyways, Nick and I made plans to get together and hang out at the dog park with our dogs. Gus had so much energy!! He was running all over the place, he would literally zip from one end to another. The rest of the crew were almost left a little confused because they (Dolly and Simon) couldn't keep up with him. Apple on the other hand was in her own world. Sniffing around everywhere. Bailey really liked Gus... maybe a little too much... but none the less, Bailey was a very cute pup :3
Today at work, Apple was brought in to have her Model photo shoot. She had her nails painted and photos taken to be used in flyers for their nail painting service. Currently her front left paw has a rainbow (each nail is a different color) so customers can see the variety of colors we offer, her front right paw has no polish, and both her back feet have purple paint. In a couple days they are going to make sure that all her nails are purple :3 This nail painting thing is not going to be a regular thing, it was only done for the model shoot. But I wont pass up a free paw-dicure. hehe :3 I will take pictures of her nails when they are all purple, but I will be sure to post up the flyer when I get a copy of one too!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Photo

So Mona and the Mommy has asked for a photo with all of the pup's in the same shot, all looking at the camera, so this is just for you Mona!! I tried many attempts to take some good photos, but it was hard trying to get them all to focus at the same time. It felt like every time I was snapping the photo, one pup would get distracted by the other! You'll only see five pictures that I took, but I took about 20!

Also The OP Pack has asked how I write on my photos. After I upload my photos onto my computer or laptop, I will hit the Print Screen button, and then open Paint, and paste the photo, and draw on the picture however I'd like and then when I save the picture, I make sure I save the photo as a JPEG. One of these days [[when I can afford it]] I plan on buying a cordless tablet with a pen and mouse, because it's really hard to write nicely with a mouse on paint!! My little doodles on the pictures will be more creative as well.

Tomorrow I'm puppy sitting a cockapoo named Bailey!! so I will make sure I take pictures of all of our fun :3

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who's at the door!?

last night we helped our friend Jarvis move in ( he actually lives in the same condo as we do! Same floor and only 2 doors away! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? ) So while Jarvis was finishing up his move, I helped watch Butters! Apple was happy to see him again, but her brother and sister (Dolly and Simon) were a little overly excited. They thought his fluffy tail was a toy! So unfortunately I separated them for a bit so everyone could calm down. So sorry to everyone that we did not blog last night!!