Friday, January 30, 2009

Super fun time

last night while hanging out in Ethans room, all of the toys we own were brought into the room by Apple. This toy frenzy also created a hyper atmosphere and they all went crazy and ran around the room, rolling around the bed, and tugging at each others toy. They had so much fun playing together and then they crashed in their bed on the office :3 it was a happy day.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

play date continued

[[Last night the laptop I was using wasn't working all that well so I am using a different one tonight to finish showing off our photos from yesterdays play date!]] Simon was really interested in the kitty cats. They live with 3 puppies so they are very used to dogs, when Simon attempted to chase after them they didn't care, they just walked. Simon seemed to have the guts to chase after them, but if the cat turned to look at him, Simon ran away from it like he was the one being chased! He's a dork. Dolly seemed to have a special spark in Olivers eye because he was really into playing with her. As usual, Apple was more into toys than playing with they others. She had a few moments where she would play, but it was mainly the toys that had her attention. Sam is a good friend of ours that I met while working at Petsmart. When I first met her and her mother, Betsy, she only had one dachshund (Henry). Slowly she obtained two more (Oliver and then Otis) :3 when the weather gets nicer, do expect to see more pictures of all 6 of our pups!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Puppy play date!

Today Apple, Dolly, Simon and I all went over to our friend Samantha's. She owns 3 dachshunds herself: Henry, Oliver, and Otis.  When we arrived Henry and Oliver were still on their walk with Sam's dad so Otis entertained the bunch and ran around the yard. Simon was more interested in the kitty cats that they have while Apple investigated the yard a bit. As soon as Henry and Oliver arrived on the scene, it was puppy chaos!!! They all ran in circles, jumped on each other and chased each other :3 I'll post up more photos on my next blog, my laptop isn't working that well tonight. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was quite a day!! I picked up Dolly and Simon at around noonish, and bought them new leashes and a harness for each of them, at petsmart (oh and food bowls cant forget that). They were scared of the automatic doors so I had to put them in a cart to get them inside. I met up with my friend Sam while I was there and she too is a owner of 3 Dachshunds. After we shopped we made plans to get all 6 of them together for a play date tomorrow so I'll definately take photos of that!! I brought them home and put diapers on them because I dont know how they would react potty training wise in a new home. I have them on a strict potty schedule where they go outside to potty every 1.5 hours (unless they are sleeping, but as soon as they wake up I take them out) Simon and Apple are usually the first ones to go pee, and Dolly likes to dilly dally and take her time... hopefully she wont take up to 10 minutes to go pee anymore. But they seem to pee everytime I take them out, so I'm glad my schedule is strict because I really dont want any accidents in the house. I know there are bound to be some! But if I can prevent it from happening I will try my best. They all get along really well, they only had one spat, right when I brought Dolly and Simon home, but after sniffing each other they started to play, it was really fun to watch. Simon and Dolly are a little heavy (well fed ;D) so like Apple, they have porportioned feedings now and two walks a day to help get them to a toned shape. Dolly weighs the most at 11lb's. Simon is 10.8lb's (not much of a difference) and Apple weighs 9.5lb's. I guess I will blog some more about them all tomorrow!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I guess it was meant to be

I'm sure you're all aware of the adoption that didn't work out. I was pretty sad about it, but I knew that the dachshund was still going to a good home where he would be loved and cared for as we would show it to him. So I went on with my life as usual, working at petsmart. I was approached by a friend who's dog I trained (Sherlock Hound) and she happens to own Apple's brother Simon-Peter and her sister Dolly-Anna. She had obviously been upset and crying because her eyes were red and swollen, I had asked her what was wrong and gave her hug, and to sum it all up, she basically asked me to take in Simon and Dolly. I asked myself, was is fate that I didn't get the other dog? I told my friend that I would take them in, and that she could have them back at any time. So Apple is getting her actual (litter mates) brother and sister to come live with her... I will be sure to take pictures of them together after I pick them up tomorrow afternoon. Maybe make another blog I dont know yet... but I am very excited.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

what a class!!

unfortunately the dog we applied to adopt had an application on it before us, so we were not able to adopt the dachshund. When the right opportunity strikes again we will hopefully be the first one to submit an application. Until then we will continue our happy lives as a little but great family! I just wanted to share a photo I took of one of the classes I teach on Monday nights at 6. I brought Apple to demo that night, it was a lot of fun watching all of the dogs interact with each other, and especially cute that most of the class were dachshunds!! [[ click on the picture of the class to read the dogs names, and also to get a better look of all the dogs ]]

Friday, January 23, 2009

Maybe another dog will join our family

Lately Apple has been getting lonely. She seems to really enjoy coming to work with me to see all the other dogs, and when we get home later that night, she'll mope around the house. There are also times when she really really wants to play, but we're all too busy to play with her at that moment. My roommate Ethan has brought up the fact that he would like to get a puppy, so we started looking around for some dogs for adoption. I found one from WA that is not too far away, that we'll meet on sunday... we're so excited!! If this works out then Apple will possibly have a brother!!! yay

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pee time with friends

Tonight my roommate Ethan had his girlfriend, Nancy, over at our house. I asked her if she wanted to join me and Apple for a walk, and she said yes :3 While we went out for a walk I decided to take my camera along with me, and take pictures. It has been really foggy out here for the past few days, so you'll notice it in the pictures. Along the walk we ran into Molly (the italian Grey Hound) and we stopped and said hi. They played for a bit, Molly out ran Apple, and then they squatted for a pee together, it was cute! so I took a photo haha. We then decided to go into the building and walk inside because it was so cold, and there we ran into Molly again! and played again!! yay what a night. I also wanted to introduce everyone to Apple's other Roomies, my birds. I have five of them, I know in a few of her videos you could hear them so I wanted them to feel the love and be seen!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Apple Begs!! :: Gasp ::

Brad had his friend Jesse over tonight, and decided that they were going to play video games. While they took a break, Jesse started to snack on some jerky!! Apple of course heard the bag open, and immeadiately dashed over to jesse in hopes of getting a treat. Usually when this happens to me I dont just "hand over" a treat to Apple, I ask her to sit, lie down, leave it, roll over (not in the same order every time to avoid patterns and her knowing each step) so then she earns her treat, rather than getting one handed over to her. I dont want her to think that she can just have a treat whenever. I want her to know that she has to earn all of her treats. So Jesse decided that he wanted to tease her... wrong idea!! Apple has quite the spring in her leg, and I work very very hard to keep her from jumping, so dont worry, I gave Jesse an earful after I saw that. But after teasing her for a minute, he asked her to sit, and he gave her a jerky piece. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cottage cheese me!

Tonight Apple recieved the last of the cottage cheese!! it is a happy day for her, she loves cheese. She'll be in a deep sleep and I'll open a box of cheese-its and she is in my face within seconds.  She was really  enjoying the cottage cheese remainder, until daddy decided to come around and toss the container around like a soccer ball!! But she would carry the container around in her mouth, it was real cute!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Butters is good for the soul

Tonight Apple had a friend over!! We just love our puppy play dates. Apple enjoyed having him over, but she wished that he was more into playing than he was trying to run away from her! They both had fun sniffing around the house and investigating Apples bed. Butters isnt around dogs too often so when he see's Apple come charging in his direction his instinct is to run away and hide!!! She might be too wild and hyper for this little guy. But when she wasn't paying attention to him and had her back at him, then he would try and sniff her. All in all, it was a good time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whoever said Dachshunds are stupid dogs!

Last night while eating dinner with brad, I overheard a group of peoples conversation the entire time I was there. I was trying not to listen to it because it's not like me to try and listen on other peoples conversations, but I was also eating with Brad and I didnt want him to feel like I was ignoring him. But I overheard someone say miniature dachshund, thats when my attention was fully focused on them. They were saying that min. Dachshunds were only bred to be pretty and that they had no real reason to even be created, non other than to be a lap dog. A Foo foo dog. I was growing ferious. I wanted to grab my hot soup and throw it on them!!! They then went on to say that all they (Dachshunds) do is yap yap yap and break their backs. They then switched their convo over from hating on the dachshunds, to how they LOVE their big dogs. Because they arent yappy, they arent lap dogs, and they aren't Foo foo. I was so angry. I dont even think I could describe how angry I was to be hearing all of these people agreeing with each other.... But they are all lucky that I held my composure for Brads sake, and didnt throw my food on them.

Apple you are the greatest dog I have ever had in my entire life!! You have never bitten anyone, you dont bark, and you LOVE to hunt! You are no foo foo lap dog!!! You are my little badger hunter. If only those people saw how you hunt down your bugs!! if only... 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apple watches tv

Tonight while taking a break from Folding clothes, I decided that I wanted to watch tv. My favorite show was on (It's me or the dog) and the bigger bonus was that it was a new episode. So I kicked up my feet and watched the episode, and noticed that Apple was actually watching the tv herself, and she was quite into it. I grabbed the camera and immediately started to film

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunshine shouldn't fade away

Today while I cleaned the house and the car, Apple ran around and played with her toys. I got a little hot from my constant moving, and opened the windows in our living room. Apple noticed that there were some sunshine poking through and decided that she was going to soak it all in because it might be the only sunshine we get in a month. For the past few days it has been really foggy and gray outside, so the little bit of sunshine was a nice change.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Apples Burger King© Run!

Tonight my roommate, Ethan, and I decided that we were too lazy to make dinner ourselves and that we wanted food right at that moment, so we chose to go to Burger King©.  Apple has this mindset that where-ever she goes with us, that has a drive up window, will be giving her a cookie, but of course they should!! So she waited and waited, and watched as not one, but two bags of food passed by her, and no cookie came her way!! So when I got home I gave her a cheesey-bacon biscuit, she was thrilled, and enjoyed every crumb! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hungry Hungry..erm... dachshund!

I would never call you a hippo apple!! Anyways, tonight I made a special dinner for her. She is currently on the transition from puppy food to adult, so she eats both mixed, and she already gets salmon oil in her food every night, but I wanted her to really enjoy her meal tonight so I added a little bit of the wet nutro puppy food to her dry, stirred it up, and warmed it in the microwave for 15 seconds, so the food smell would just fill her nose with the best senses :3 She enjoyed it very much, but got a little full. She'll eat the rest later after her nap.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Apple came to work with me today to help demo other pup's taking classes, and to her surprise, she even had a bath scheduled!! She wasnt too happy about it, But she endured it! Tonight Apple is just TIRED. Napping every chance she had when a blanket is present, whether it was on your lap, in the clean laundry, or on her own bed. She claimed it. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Apple is Trained by me, Mommy

Last night while reading my comments I was pleased to hear feedback about Apples daily life, One comment in particular caught my attention (in a good way :3), it was from: Roxie, Sammy and Andy. They mentioned "By the way, how is your mom doing on training you?" well I guess the only way I can respond is, great! thanks for asking :D As I mention in my about me section, I am a dog obedience trainer at Bellingham WA, Petsmart. Apple gets to come with me to work and Demo to other pet parents what their dogs will be learning in puppy/beginner/intermediate/Advanced education levels. I am very lucky because Mat (the other trainer) and myself, are the only two associates at petsmart that can bring their dogs to work! It is strictly for work purpose, not play. But she is definitely spoiled while she is there! Everyone showers her with hugs and kisses, rubs her belly, and better yet, gives her treats!!! As soon as we pull into the parking lot at work she knows where she is. Her favorite spot it the training ring (She knows that that's where all the good treats come from!) While working today someone asked me "How many dogs do you teach in a week?" I counted and told him, 25 dogs this week :3. So to conclude, Apple is doing pawsome with her training on both her verbal cues and hand signals, Of course, we are not always %100 on top of our game, I am still working with a puppy, haha. But she does very good, we are still working on her new obedience skills currently. Until next time, Goodnight!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

just chewin'

Apple only has hard rubber or plastic chewing toys to play with, because the Skins and the fuzzies just didn't do the job! The only downside to the hard toys that I seem to notice is that stepping on the little bits and granules that Apple chewed off while walking around the house. Some are easier to see than others because they're blue, orange or yellow, but she has a clear rubber/ plasticy fish by nylabone that she loves to carry around the  house to chew. But their pieces are hard to see as you're walking by!! So I have to vacuum every other day to maintain a soft floor to walk on!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boring Day!

So today was a boring day. I worked 9 hours, and Apple stayed home with Daddy. When I came home I invited a friend over to stay the night, and Apple was happy because she loves having Kim around to play and cuddle with! She then decided that it was time for Kim to play Chase, so they ran a few laps around the kitchen :3