Friday, December 19, 2008


Lately I have noticed that all of Apples toys are now hollow. A toy with a squeaker will not last in this household. All of the toys that had squeakers have been de-fluffed and destroyed. What I find are what I call "skins" that she plays with now. I feel bad sometimes, because I know how much she enjoys these squeaking toys, but why buy something that is potentially going to be thrown away? So I have decided to buy Apple toys that are stuffing-free. No more stuffing allowed. We''ll buy her some more squeaky tennis balls and ropes to play with, she really likes those.

Pretty soon I have to start planning out my Dachshund get-together in Bellingham. Almost everybody I know at work (including customers and friends) want to bring their dachshunds together for a happy fun play time!! But I have to wait till the holiday season is over!!! Hopefully it will warm up soon too!!!

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  1. Hi Apple!
    I know. I also love stuffed animals and destroying it.
    Have fun "Dachshund get-together".(what is it?)
    wags wags