Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was quite a day!! I picked up Dolly and Simon at around noonish, and bought them new leashes and a harness for each of them, at petsmart (oh and food bowls cant forget that). They were scared of the automatic doors so I had to put them in a cart to get them inside. I met up with my friend Sam while I was there and she too is a owner of 3 Dachshunds. After we shopped we made plans to get all 6 of them together for a play date tomorrow so I'll definately take photos of that!! I brought them home and put diapers on them because I dont know how they would react potty training wise in a new home. I have them on a strict potty schedule where they go outside to potty every 1.5 hours (unless they are sleeping, but as soon as they wake up I take them out) Simon and Apple are usually the first ones to go pee, and Dolly likes to dilly dally and take her time... hopefully she wont take up to 10 minutes to go pee anymore. But they seem to pee everytime I take them out, so I'm glad my schedule is strict because I really dont want any accidents in the house. I know there are bound to be some! But if I can prevent it from happening I will try my best. They all get along really well, they only had one spat, right when I brought Dolly and Simon home, but after sniffing each other they started to play, it was really fun to watch. Simon and Dolly are a little heavy (well fed ;D) so like Apple, they have porportioned feedings now and two walks a day to help get them to a toned shape. Dolly weighs the most at 11lb's. Simon is 10.8lb's (not much of a difference) and Apple weighs 9.5lb's. I guess I will blog some more about them all tomorrow!!


  1. ...and it feels soooo good....

    sorry, Mom will have THAT song stukhk in her head all day!

    What khuties!

    Good lukhk!


  2. What a great reunion!!! And to have such a good start. Hope the potty training goes well. Will they be with you forever or is this just a temporary arrangement? Apple must be very happy.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Congratulations
    Simon & Dolly are real cuties. It looks like you guys are having so much fun. I wish I could play with you.
    Love Ruby

  4. Awww hoWW FUN!!! Good Luck to you all!! :D

  5. How fun! Mom says you're very brave to get 6 dacshunds together. We can't wait to see pictures of that, too!

  6. Oh, congratulations, Apple! Dolly & Simon are adorable! And they will settle in just fine, sounds like they are on a wonderful feeding/potty schedule!
    Having play/snuggle mates is so much fun! And there is lots of love to go around!

    ((hugs)) Your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  7. Gee that sounnds like fun Apple having your sibbys with you.Must be fate like your Mom said uh huh.... meant to be.

    Wiry wags, Eric xxx

  8. Hi, Apple!
    Your life is going to be very interesting from now on!
    Have fun
    Kisses and hugs

  9. That sure is fun. I can't wait to see your play date photos..

    ~ Bae