Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love at first sight

Today at 5:45 am I drove to my grandmothers house to meet up with her co-worker (and our friend) Carolyn. She and I discussed the night before about letting me puppy-sit Fudgie for a day, which she happily accepted! So I picked him up and placed his crate in my room and as soon as I opened the door he ran out and ran circles around my bed. Thus resulting in waking Apple up, she jumped down and they sniffed for a minute, and all of a sudden they were running together going crazy! They reacted as though they have known each other for years, and yet it was their first meet and greet "I'z has fun!". Later that day after a little nap they played and played even more, ate, and played again. It was really cute.  Boy is Fudgie a handsome boy!! There was even a moment where they kissed. I guess I'll have to have puppy play dates with Fudgie more often!


  1. Hi Apple
    Fudgie is a cutie. Have fun playing.
    Love Ruby

  2. That looks fun!! We are lucky that there are 2 of us so there is always some one to play with!! Our mommy can't remember how she changed our blog to say "tail wags" instead of Comments. She will try to remember and let you know!!
    -Luke and Liesel