Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello all!!

Apple and I are resting on the couch watching our favorite television show "It's me or the dog" Well... at least I am. Apple is sleeping! " I r sleepiez!" ::snore snore:: Anyways. I am hoping to add new blogs a few times a week, but please don't be mad if I fall short! I believe my boyfriend Brad has the camera right now so I cannot take a photo of Apple currently, but this is how she looks when she snoozes. Sometimes her feet twitch, or she'll grunt. She is too cute.
When she was 7 weeks old she would sleep in my armpit, lol how fun, but I had to wear a t-shirt because one morning she licked my arm pit and I was so disturbed!!! "YUM YUMMM" Well it's late and it's snowing!!! I will post pictures of Apple's first snow experience soon! boy oh boy was she in for a surprise!!

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